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₪ ø lll ·o.
- Echelon Family Member
- Harry Potter lover
- 20-year-old Journalism student attending CSUN
- My blog is a mesh of photos I took myself & my own thoughts so it might seem to be all over the place at times
- I love many things but its too much to list but chances are, i'll post something about it :)
- I'm a very shy person but I would like to say that I'm an easy person to get along with
- & i love to smile(:

Music is the Weapon of the Future.

^^During a Live Web Chat...I got the chance to sit there next to Shannon & ask the band a question :)
^^Yeup! That's me with the one & only: Jared Leto(:
^^& me with the Shanimal :)
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ahhh! that other squirrel wanted to get it on!!

& he was a persistent one too! he keep bugging her!!